Waxing Hygiene

Unfortunately, some salons may cut corners when it comes to hygiene. In waxing terminology 'double dipping' is the act of putting the spatula back into the pot after the wax has been applied to the skin. Once the spatula touches skin, dipping it back into the wax can potentially transfer bacteria, viruses, fungus, bodily fluids and dead skin cells from the body, back into to the wax pot, to then be applied on other clients. Wax is only heated to a temperature just above 60°, which isn’t hot enough to kill microorganisms (any hotter, and the wax would scald the skin).

For hygiene purposes, applicators should be disposed of after spreading wax on the skin. At Ikonic Browsnlashes we have a 'no double dip' policy that ensures our therapists are using a clean disposable spatula for each application of wax during your service. In addition to our policies on double dipping, we never recycle wax (the process of reheating used wax and sifting out the hair), our therapists wear gloves during all services, we line our waxing tables with clean disposable sheeting for each guest, and of course, disinfect all metal instruments (such as tweezers) between guests. For strip waxing, we utilize single-use, fully disposable cartridges for every client. For your hygiene, we do not clean rollers and reuse like many other salons.

When you walk into a wax room at Ikonic Browsnlashes you enter a clean, fresh, sanitary environment and can relax knowing that your wax services are being provided with the highest level of hygiene and skill so you can enjoy the very best wax experience.

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