Sugar Waxing

Sugar Waxing Waxing

Sugar will not stick to live skin cells, only dead skin cells are removed, so there is no risk of abrasion or tearing.

Sugar paste is lukewarm when it is applied, So there is no risk of burning the skin.

Sugar paste is applied to the direction of hair growth then removing the hair in the natural direction of growth … resulting in less painful hair removal and eliminating hair breakage.

Hair growth only needs to be 1/8 inch after shaving or 1/16 inch after sugaring! (May vary depending on individual and hair type).

Sugaring is so gentle it can remove the vellus hair on some woman’s faces and is safe for clients with sensitivities, eczema, and psoriasis.

Sugar paste dissolves easily in water leaving no sticky residue left on your skin.

Good waxing results depend partly on what you do before, after, and between waxing appointments. Please read our Waxing Pre and Post care below to help us obtain the best waxing result for you. Our Health and Hygiene policy for waxing is also detailed below for your confidence.

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